Company Profile

Formed with three partners; Dave, Malcolm and Nigel in 1990, as a Tool making company, in a 800 square feet rented industrial unit. They quickly moved into manufacturing pressings, in a small scale for local companies. This soon evolved into a striving manufacturing business serving a wider range of customers. They not only supplied components but the tools to manufacture them.

The business today, is now contained in a purpose built factory of 14,000 square feet split between manufacturing and tool making, both with modern CNC machinery and is seen as a service provider not only to local companies but also into Europe and as far as the USA. The partners are proud to have a company with a family atmosphere with a very simple philosophy which is to deliver on time, at the right quality and at a fair price. This is backed up with their “we can do it” attitude.



All of the products manufactured will be to an exacting standard as specified by the customer. Quality procedures are adopted to suit individual customer requirements, and this includes manufacturing to your quality system. The company manufacture to operator inspection as well as, sample reports produce by our quality department. Statistical process control is currently being used for certain customers.

We have pride in the work we produce and in the flexibility of our attitude to adopt to the needs of the customer.


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